The American young Rapper who is poorly known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden seems pretty much the face of astonishment after he stormed the whole world with surprise by welcoming his seventh child.


The young rapper has convinced the whole world of the joy and thriller he posses in having kids after welcoming his seventh child with Mayweather’s daughter Yaya Mayweather.

When the news media announced the incoming son of Youngboy NBA seventh son, less panicked for he once convinced fans to succumb to his notion and passion he has upon kids by recording a huge amount of 4 kids before he turned 18 years old. This has also described his status as a young rapper who began to have kids in his teenage.

Following his life status so far, we have gathered memories from a direct source and would dish them out. If you aspire to know NBA children and Baby Mamas, check out below.

Young Boy NBA Children and Baby Mamas

Yaya Mayweather and Son

The official pretty daughter of the great boxer, Mayweather, is in no doubt Youngboy NBA’s latest Babymama after she announced thriller welcoming NBA seventh son. This was announced in early January 2021 which astonished most fans as they soar to the energy of stopping the NBA not to have another child from another lady. However, Yaya is currently facing some complications after she allegedly stabbed one of his fiance’s baby mamas. She will spend 99 years in prison if convicted.

Drea Symone and the child

Hers was shocking. We all were expecting a child from Yaya. In fewer hours after nine months, she gave birth to a young boy NBA sixth child alongside Yaya who gave birth recently to Young boy seventh child which still trends so far. NBA was alerted to be responsible which he never denied after several DNA tests.

Starr Dejanee and children (Cameron Gaulden and Kamiri Gaulden) 

She is one of his favorite baby mamas as confirmed by the fans so far she bore two children for him namely; Kamiri and Cameron Gaulden. In the early fame of the NBA, he announced dating Starr who gifted him, two children, in few years. There is no doubt of NBA taste for children as it trends.

Nisha and son, Kayden Gaulden 

Nisha and Kayleen Marie gave birth to NBA children in almost the same month which astonished fans. However, Nisha became his second Baby mama while Marie became the third. Nisha gave birth to Taylin who was named NBA’s third son.

Jania Bania and son, Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Jania is one of the NBA Young boy’s early Baby Mama whom he began his drama with. She gave it to Alexander who was never denied by his Father NBA. He is his fourth son as it stands.

NBA is currently a father of seven children, two daughters and five sons at the age of 21! He is incredible. Despite, this side of him, he is known globally for the rap qualities he has dished out so far which has issued him fame extraordinarily despite his young age.