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YFN LUCCI – HIStory Album


YFN LUCCI History Album Download

Fans were in for a surprise on Friday the 13th when YFN LUCCI dropped off History studio album, entering 2020 with not only a new project.


History album comes through with many featured guests like Bigga Rankin, Trouble, YFN Fat, Derez De’Shon, Trouble, Bigga Rankin, Rotimi, and on the bonus track comes City Girls & Yo Gotti.

Track List

  1. 7.62
  2. Lonely (feat. Bigga Rankin)
  3. VVS
  4. Are You Wit Me
  5. Nasty (feat. Trouble)
  6. Thug Holiday
  7. Date Night
  8. Big Ole (feat. YFN Fat)
  9. Sacrifices & Pain (feat. Derez De’Shon)
  10. Care Man
  11. Let Me Down
  12. One Day (feat. Trouble)
  13. America (feat. Bigga Rankin)
  14. Let Me Know (feat. Rotimi)
  15. HIStory (feat. Bigga Rankin)
  16. Shake Sumn (feat. City Girls & Yo Gotti) (Bonus Track)