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YelaWolf “Pinto Bean” Freestyle | TM3 Coming Soon

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The Alabam rapper has come forth with another teaser track, this one titled “Pinto Bean.” Yes, we are a few days late on this one, and regretfully so. The man is clearly snappin’, putting forth a welcome hunger evocative of “You Ain’t No DJ,” employing flows that would make former label boss Eminem proud. “You can’t take Catfish Billy up out the flows,” spits Yela, kicking off a whirlwind. “Fuck around looking like somebody took your best chicken from the coop, and took your coupe and crashed it into the booth with the full intention of fucking you.” Keep an eye out for TM3, dropping soon. If it’s anything like Yela’s recent efforts, it’s going to be some fire.