Tyga Got Thrown Outta Floyd “Mayweather Birthday” Party Because Repo Man Took His Maybac

In accordance to TMZ, they believe to have the reason behind why Tyga was literally dragged out of Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party last weekend in LA., and apparently, it has something to do with one of his cars being repossessed.


Based on sources, Tyga was approached by several men from whom he had leased a white Maybach from while at the club. They reportedly say Tyga had a deal to pay $6, 000 a month for the Maybach, but he fell behind on his payments and the men had the car repo’d last month.

Then when they crossed paths at the party, an argument broke out and Tyga began threatening the guys. And Tyga feels the Maybach was unlawfully repossessed and had to spoke his displeasure about it. As a result, he was carried out of Sunset Room like a rag doll, and later tried grabbing the bouncer’s gun.

It’s unclear what type of threat he made but it might not matter now as Tyga states he made-up with the “repo” men and bouncer, nevertheless they have yet to verify that same sentiment.







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