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Trippie Redd – Miss the Rage Ft Playboi Carti


Miss the Rage By Trippie Redd

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Trippie Redd returns this week with a fresh dope song and this time giving us a new song titled “Miss The Rage” featuring Playboi Carti.


The new song is filled with some dope beat as they keep spitting out some dope bars.

Quotable Lyrics
This like GTA, we shoot out helicopters (Brrt), monsters (Brrt)
We pull up with sticks and hella choppers (Bah), ‘oppas (Bah)
We don’t fuck with niggas, they the cops (Cops, bitch)
I put my heart and soul into the Glock (In the Glock)
Bitch, it’s us, never them, you ain’t that, bitch, I’m him.