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Toosii – Heart Cold [Video]


heart cold By Toosii Video Download

Toosii Heart Cold video

North Carolina-raised rapper Toosii can’t keep it low and this time presenting a fresh banger as he drops the music video to his single “Heart Cold”


In the new ‘Heart Cold’ video, Toosii speaks to all the trauma he’s lived, going cold in his heart because of everything he’s witnessed. Listen below and tell us what you think about it. Check out the Toosii Heart Cold video below and stay tuned.

Quotable Lyrics:

I know that the devil got a side, but it ain’t mine
I’ma look you dead inside your eyes, tell the truth, know I ain’t lying
I told bro to flip the whip, make sure they can’t slide
He done died once, he a cat, now he got eight lives
On the other hand, I’m a G, bitch, I got one until it’s done
And my homie was too gangster, he ain’t died to no gun
My other homie was too gangster, but he died in the slums
Life fucked up, it’s like you flip a coin and hope you luck up