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The Upcoming IPhone 11’s Have Reportedly Been Confirmed

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!
Earlier this year, reports came stating that there had been a leak indicating the new model for Apple’s new iPhone 11. The recommended iPhone XI design outlined what are expected to be new features, most particularly, the triple rear camera set up that would possibly use Time of Flight tech to allow the device to render 3D maps of anything within a few meters. And after this, a report from 9to5Mac has confirmed all the three versions of the iPhone 11 and their range-topping features are arriving soon.
“People have seen the devices” which are meant to replace the current line of iPhone X products, according to insider Guilherme Rambo. Every one of the three new models will allegedly have the same screen resolutions as the ones before them, except for one model, which will include a a limited LCD. As well as this, each of the models will also sport brand new A13 processors which are code-named “Cebu.”The chipset will power A new “Smart Frame” camera tech and will be capable of recording outside standard framing to allow proper alignment during re-cropping when editing photos with the phone. The highly hyped triple-lens design has indeed been confirmed to appear on the iPhone XS and XS Max equivalents from the new iPhone 11 line. In addition, one of the three lenses will be a wide-angle camera, which is a first for a portable Apple device.