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T. I. Explains Why The entire world Is Laughing At America & Donald Trump

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! T. I. Explains Why The entire world Is Laughing At America & Donald Trump

T. I. hasn’t been self-conscious in the criticism of Donald Trump. The King of the South continued his verbal assault of the current administration {in America, and he brought some information to the conversation. T. I. sat down together with TMZ’s Raquel Harper about her BET series Raq Rants and explains just how the world is seeing the current presidency. Despite the fact that groups of Americans who have never left the country will most probably attempt to contest T. I.’s claims, who are you gonna believe in that situation?


“Privilege, entitlement, hypocrisy, ” starts T. I. as he attempts to sum up what he thinks of Trump. “The undeniable fact that people feel that the color of their skin makes them a much better person, and more qualified and more qualified to receive opportunities. ” He then shifted things and commences to make use of his worldly insight and knowledge to drive his statement home. “And we can’t continue to call ourselves the highest nation in the world if we carry on and behave this way, ” he continued. “And upon the world stage… is actually a joke. How can you permit such a thing to happen to your country? How could you position the most exclusive office to be held in the free world…exactly how could you let that fall under the hands of a madman?