Umbrella Symphony EP Download

Curren$y drops his new Umbrella Symphony Album under his belt, Curren$y can now proudly add LNDN DRGS to the list artists he’s collaborated with throughout his career: Sean O’Connell, Wiz Khalifa, The Alchemist, and of course, the Jet Life collective, all joined up with him on more than one occasion.


“We laid some game in one day man,” Curren$y said of the project, in an Instagram posting meant to hype up its imminent release. “Crazy how a real friendship was forged in steel within 24 hours man…. two different perspectives with the same objectives!”

Umbrella Symphony Zip/rar

1. Tears in the Rain
2. Ghetto Gospel
3. Payback
4. Umbrella Symphony
5. Anita featuring T.Y.
6. Sake
7. Payback (Extended Version)