Rick Ross and Drake once teased a collaborative project. You could imagine how long ago this happened, they even planned on naming their mixtape “YOLO”. It was first mentioned in 2011 this phrase was played-out and started evoking physical reactions of discomfort. when the topic of “YOLO” was rehashed in a few interviews over the years, it was pretty much filled in the drawer of music collab folklore along with other teased projects that never materialized (Migos x Young Thug, Chance The Rapper x Childish Gambino, J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar, etc. ).


Rick Ross Into a new interview with Complex, where he was asked once again about “YOLO”. While there is no chance that he (Rick Ross) and Drake ever release a joint venture under this expired title, Rozay only had nice things to say about Drake and claimed there is always a possibility that their chemistry results in a collab project.

“[‘YOLO’] was just a vibe. You never know what could happen in the future, but me and Drake, him being in Miami at that time [in 2011-2012], and him coming by the crib every day, we was spending a lot of time together. And it was a serious possibility. We wasn’t just talking shit. We really was in the studio a lot. It’s just not the same no more. Meaning, the way he travel and the way I move. But is it a possibility? There’s always a possibility for that, because it would be simple for us.”

Ross continued to express his fondness for his collaborative work with Drake:

“…Whenever I collaborate with the homie, it’s always the best of the best. So, if we just kicking some street shit, and if it feel like some YOLO shit or if it feel like some “Aston Martin Music” shit or “Gold Roses,” I always find the best in it. Because whenever we collaborate, I love when I hear him go from bars to switching that shit all the way to the tune of Keith Sweat. That’s something that keeps him in his own lane. So I enjoy both.”

After Complex pointed out that the rapper duo apparently has ten songs already, Ross shared that he’s sitting on mountains of instrumentals prepared to be used. He imagined three projects that could divvy up these beats: “I’ve got enough production to do a me and Drake project and a Nas project. The next Maybach Music Self Made 4.