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Rick Ross Announces “Port Of Miami 2” Album Release Date

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

A few weeks ago, the Miami legend Rick Ross, said that he would soon return to the game with a new project which he titled Port Of Miami 2. He has been a couple of singles from the forthcoming project but fans are still missing a release date and other information until today. The rapper officially came through with an announcement, letting the world know his new studio album to be released through a religious-themed trailer.


Cover art via Publicist

With this, you’ll know that this project will be something special. For years now we’ve been waiting for Port Of Miami 2 and in fact, it’s on the way. The Florida rapper shared a fresh video on his social page talking about the official release of his new album and he revealed the actual date to his new album coming on August 9. Wears flashy jewelry and a red outfit before being baptized in the water, freeing himself of all his past sins.

This new rebirth for Ricky, a rebirth to cleanse himself of his recent plagued with serious health issues.