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Quando Rondo – Sticc To The Code (Audio)


Quando Rondo Sticc To The Code Mp3 Download

Quando Rondo Sticc To The Code

Quando Rondo is back with something dope for this quarantine hoping that things would change for the better once his career really took off as he drops “Sticc To The Code“.


Listen and drop your comments below

Quotable Lyrics

Swerve that Jag off the lot
I wanted cash, cars, money, clothes, bitches, with the diamonds and hoes
If she thought she hit the jackpot, I bet she can’t believe that I done walked out the door, ayy
I feel like a astronaut, I take a trip to Mars, every time I pour a four
And even off Xany bars, it be hard for me to forget times that I was broke