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Pop Smoke – Coupe [Video]


Coupe By Pop Smoke Video Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Pop Smoke Coupe

Pop Smoke‘s singles are still popping out and today the music video to his single “Coupe” is out on all streaming services.


The new video ‘Coupe‘ is taking from his latest studio project “Faith” Comprising of 21 songs, including the already-released ‘Outro’, The record will be the second posthumous studio release from the late rapper. ‘Faith’ will follow on from July 2020’s ‘Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon’.

Hit play below and stay tuned.

Pop Smoke Coupe Lyrics:
Hop out the coupe, swerving Gimme the loot, purgin Keep 22s, lurkin’
Woo, Woo, Woo, Woo
Yeezy the boot, fashion
All this aggression look good in this fashion Point him out and imma tag him
Beat ‘em down and then I drag ‘em
Big nappy blue, burner
Wrap the boy up inna curtain
Brodie got one thing for sure
But papi got two things for certain
I got guns in the shack
I got guns in my bag
Don’t run in my crib
I put guns to ya head

Will I shoot you nigga, prolly
It’s Pop Smoke, I’m movin’ hotty Big knockin’ on my body
Free Rowdy and free Bobby Yeah I’m 823
I had crack in my socks
I got guns in my brief
I give him hot shells like a taco
I’m big woo the flex nigga not cho And I’m still swerving from potholes And I’m still shootin’ at Tahoes
Hop out the coupe, swerving Gimme the loot, purgin Keep 22s, lurkin’