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Polo G – 21 (Video)


21 By Polo G Video Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Chicago rapper Polo G returns with his latest video for “21” directed byColeBennett. The video was coming from his critically acclaimed project The GOAT.


Since the debut of his album The GOAT  in mid-March, the album has maintained a steady presence on the Billboard 200 chart. Here is another banger 21 By Polo G.

Quotable Lyrics

Decorate your block with red tape, foenem slidin’ every day
Bunch of hollows spittin’ out the Glock
I been servin’ fiends all day, out there posted with the gang
Nigga, we was taught to get it off the block
It’s a hundred bands in the safe, now I got expensive taste
Mike Amiri jeans, fill ’em up with knots
I been on my grind every day, don’t believe in takin’ breaks
I ain’t stoppin’ ’til we chillin’ at the top