Phora Fake Smiles 2 Video

Phora – Fake Smiles 2 (Video)

Phora is back with something heart touching on the “Fake Smiles 2” video. Here is where he made some points about this life and people living around us including their lifestyles.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m not as okay I pretend to be.
Running from the past n I can’t see what lies ahead of me,
I gave up on everyone, I gave up on everything,
I know there’s a heaven, I just don’t think it was meant for me,
But, if you knew me u would judge me for all these mistakes,
so like the rest of us I carry this smile on my face,
and act like everything’s ok as I try not to break,
my smile is like the love you gave; all along it was fake






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