It’s so beautiful how the buoyancy of some of the Nigerian top stars emerged at its peak within a short period. We are also denied the knowledge that these same stars suffered penury supplementally. They were once recognised as the poor roots who were denied optimism of succession.


In this article, we would outline these top stars who were once recognised as the product of Penury to quote multiple reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your goals.

Check out below and thrill to the qualities of these stars.

Nigerian top music stars who suffered penury before they became rich.



Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is known famously by his stage name, Wizkid, is one of the Nigerian top stars who suffered penury to its peak. He came from a poor root and concurred. This has also earned so much respect to his name for no one believed he would become a billionaire within a 10 years difference ratio.

From the start, Wizkid was just like the street boy hoods who were striving all day for their daily bread alongside his family. He was the only boy in his family of twelve sisters from different mothers. His father practised a polygamous marriage. It all looked very tough for the singer has in several circumstances professed the irresistible complication of penury.

During his primary and secondary school educational adventures, he could walk from home to school with his foot amidst the nature of his root; his parents couldn’t afford his transport fee so he found trekking thrilling as of then. It was believed that his secondary school which is known famously as Ijebu Ode Grammar School was very far away from home but he never worried about it. As a teen, Wizkid developed some genuine passion for music after several years of listening to Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. He never hesitated and pushed for his success which turned out pretty much positively.

Presently, Wizkid sit as the richest musician in Nigeria with a net worth that is estimated at $30 million (14 billion in Naira)


Olamide Gbenga Adedeji who is popularly known as Olamide is also outlined as one of the Nigerian top music artists who suffered penury before he became a billionaire. The rate at which he concurred penury despite his awful background deserves some respect to his name.

It’s pretty much interesting how life looks pretty much good and expensive in the grind of the Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter but behind this good life, Olamide was once viewed as the street ambitious boy who all strived to earn his daily bread. This has come a long way just clearly as it was.

Olamide was born in Bariga, Lagos State where he grew up and acquired his primary and secondary school educational qualification. He was the second of the children of Pa Adedeji and his second wife, Ronke Osisanya Adedeji. Due to the nature of his’ family’ polygamy status, his father couldn’t afford to provide for him during his teenage to the rate that he dropped out studying mass communication at Tai Solarin University due to financial institutions dilemma. It was often left for everyone to strive for their buoyancy so far they have emerged to adulthood.

Olamide never allowed the nature of his background to demolish his ambition and passion for music and stormed the studio releasing a lot of iconic hit songs which introduced him to the limelight. Nigerians have been all-time proud over the success stake Olamide has brought to the beauty of the Afrobeat nation and Nigerian music firm as a whole.

Currently, Olamide’s Net worth is estimated at a whopping amount of $8 million as it stands.


The popular young promising plantain seller also has proven the magic of hard work and grace. He has proven and deployed the notion of why we should believe inconsistency for he was a class hustler.

In no doubt, Inetimi Timaya Odon who is known famously by his stage name, Timaya is also identified as one of the Nigerian songwriter and singer who came from a very poor root. It’s very astonishing to have emerged at the top from such an extremely poor root.

Timaya’s early life was pretty much difficult for he was the last born of his fifteen sisters and brothers and also, his father never supported his musical passion for he wanted a better career for him which he deployed on a banking job. He attended his primary school education at the Odon attended Assemblies of God Nursery And Primary School. His secondary school education began at Nkpolu Oroworukwo in Port Harcourt. It all remained the same via his father’s aspiration on his son but Timaya was different from his. He did break the house rules and attended minor music concepts as a young rapper.

Striving for his goal, Timaya stormed port Harcourt to study Banking and Finance at the tertiary level where he failed at a higher rate in the first semester. This thrust his move to the Lagos state where he joined Eedris Abdulkareem’s hip-hop group as a backup vocalist. Everything slipped through and he gained confidence and pushed his solo career releasing multiple hit songs as of then.

There’s no doubt about his success so far for he has been staked as one of the living fathers of Nigerian music who pushed for its success so far. Timaya has a whopping net worth of $8.5 million which has labelled him as the boss.


The Nigerian songwriter and singer who is known poorly as Chinedu Okoli is in no doubt of the street king who suffered penury before emerging as a billionaire. He should also be honoured highly as a Nigerian king following how he undermined the power of penury and made it look easy.

Growing in full aspiration engulfed with musical passion the Nigerian singer and songwriter pushed his musical career gingerly which soared him to the top. Before he stroke the limelight, he was tutored by a highly musical institution that infused his musical qualities before moving to the studio and started his solo.

Flavour released his debut single N’abania which earned him the love of many Nigerians as they jammed to his songs. This even inspired him to release multiple hit songs which are representing his qualities so far.

Flavour net worth is estimated at $9.5 million which has best described his hierarchy so far.

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