Nicki Minaj is the emphasis of the lawsuit from Cahuenga Inc. that claims she didn’t fulfill her ending of the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend appearance for the company. After claiming they couldn’t acquire the Black Barbie, Cahuenga has now served Nicki’s mother Caro Maraj with legal documents to take action.

In accordance with The Blast, Cahuenga says their attempts to serve Nicki directly have been ongoing for months. The particular company claims their employees have “been regularly averted from effectuating such service by Defendant’s bodyguards and private security. ”

Nicki’s plan has been cited as an issue in the process.

“As Defendant is constantly ‘on tour’ traveling, or alternatively staying in various hotel rooms rather than fixed location, ” Cahuenga explained in court documents. “Plaintiff has been unWhen Cahuenga went to Nicki’s home in Baldwin, New York in October, they found her mother instead. Maraj was served with the lawsuit because of this.

Soon after, the company received a call from a lawyer who claimed she was not authorized to acknowledge the service. Cahuenga is petitioning for a judge to validate the conclusion of the service or allow for additional time to locate Nicki.

Cahuenga has accused Nicki of showing up 90 minutes late to an appearance for the company and leaving below 30 minutes after her arrival. The particular company asserts it lost profits in the offer after paying $53, 000 to the rap superstar. in a position to identify a specific location that may be defined as Defendant’s actual place of business.