Nicki Minaj Forced To Cancel Another European Show, “Cardi B” Chants Ensue

Nicki Minaj’s European tour is starting to feel like somewhat of a misadventure. That’s not to slight the legendary rapper, who has forged her way with an amazing and record-breaking career. However, the cruel sisters of Fate appear to be stacked against her, as unexpected problems have led to yet another concert cancellation. While the first two, in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Bordeaux, France respectively, had to be canceled due to electrical issues, her organized show in Dublin, Ireland was called off because of weather issues.

Marketers broke the news on Twitter, putting the blame at the feet of the elements: “Due to adverse weather conditions which affected Irish Sea saiings over the last 24hrs resulting in some equipment trucks not arriving, Nicki Minaj has been forced to terminate her concert tonight. ”

sadly for Nicki, all those who had already lined up for the concert were not entirely forgiving. Regardless of having lined up to see Nicki Minaj, a little contingent took to chanting Cardi B in retaliation. Given the fact that they spent money in order to catch Nicki live, the spontaneous change of alliance might be worthy of a full-bellied Khaled-ism: “congratulations, you played yourself”

As of now, Nicki Minaj has yet to comment on the termination.






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