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“My Mom and Son is dancing to my album in heaven” – Davido

“My Mom and Son is dancing to my album in heaven” – Davido

In his most recent smash album, “Timeless,” Afrobeat Gaint Davido explained why he did not include any depressing tracks.


The Nigerian musician said in a recent interview with Million Dollar Worth Of Game Podcast on Monday the crucial factor that pushed him to write “Timeless” hit songs for his fans rather than his late son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

People had anticipated that he would turn to heartache, but he said that his main responsibility was to his son, his fans, and the rest of the world, and that he shouldn’t use those as a reason to give up.

He stated:

“I looked at myself in the mirror and I said, bruh, apart from me just being about me I know I have many people who love me, many people who are depending on me, my son up there is looking at me, he wouldn’t want me to be like.”

“Apart from me being strong for his mom, which is my primary responsibility, I have to be strong for the world.”

“A lot of people thought we are going to drop the album and there is just going to be a lot of sad, men we gave them bangers on bangers.”

“My son is dancing, my mum is dancing in heaven. So that people can see that it is possible. Not that I wish it on anybody, I would never wish it on my enemy, do you understand?.”

“But to be able to stand up again and be able to work. It’s only God, you can’t tell me anything, it’s only God.” 

Davido’s only son, Ifeanyi Adeleke died from drowning earlier in 2023 after his Nanny’s negligence affected his safety.

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