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Moneybagg Yo – Said Sum Remix ft. City Girls & DaBaby


Moneybagg Yo Said Sum Remix Video Download

Moneybagg Yo Said Sum Remix Video

Moneybagg returns this new week with something banging as he drops the “Said Sum Remix” video featuring City Girls, and DaBaby coming from his Code Red studio project.


Quotable Lyrics
Huh? (What?)
Ah, I thought a broke ni**a said somethin’ (Ah)
Talkin’ shit but they still ain’t sayin nothin’ (Ain’t sayin’ nothin’)
We gon’ trap this b**ch out ’til the feds come (Run it up, run it up)
Huh? (What she say?)
Ah, I thought a pu**y hoe said somethin’ (Ah)
How it go when I’m talkin, you listen (Just listen)
Cut her off ’cause she spoke on the business (Go)