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Maroon 5 – Lost [Video]


Lost By Maroon 5 Video Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Maroon 5 still has a lot for fans and this time giving another sweet music video to a new song called “Lost”.


The new visual is filled with some good vibes as they keep dropping some sweet lines. Check out the Maroon 5 Lost video below and stay tuned.

Quotable Lyrics
Had no connection, no faith or direction, no
Searching and searching for someone to save my soul
I was swept up in a wave, swept up in a wave
When I heard you say my name, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Lost, I was lost, I was lost, I was lost
‘Til you loved me
Now I’m found, now I’m found, now I’m found
Yeah, You took me to a place, it was safe, it was sound
Lost, I was lost, now I’m found