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Lil Poppa – Frontline (Video)


Lil Poppa Frontline Mp4 Download

Lil Poppa Frontline video

The fast-rising rapper Lil Poppa touched down with the dope music video to his single “Frontline“.


Quotable Lyrics

Promise I won’t fall for no sucka shit (never)
And if you talking murder then we loving it
But your street cred don’t mean shit when it’s over with
Cuz’ them white folks only know you by your government
But it’s forever fuck them niggas, we still at war about that other shit
I should’ve never trust them niggas but he gone get it just for fucking with me
Cuz’ I ain’t got it I ain’t ya dog no more
What you ain’t fucking with me
I told hitta slide I don’t know why I’m feeling lucky