Lil Gotit Bootron Video

Lil Gotit – Bootron

Lil Gotit returns with the “Bootron” music video, the fast-rising rapper is back with a new banger visual coming from his latest studio album Hood Baby, and long waiting banger video.

Quotable Lyrics

Everybody know I love my thots
Real sugar boy, Marc Jacobs on my thots
I copped that thot on Candler, shout out to 1.5
She my thottie and she lovin’ all my guys
I’m so locked in, thottie watchin’ my lil’ boy
Yeah, she want her hair done, so that bitch ain’t got no choice
When I get the bag, yeah, I’m runnin’ like McCoy
Used to be the nigga watchin’, now I am the source






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