In accordance with a new report, Kodak, whose legal name is Bill Kapri has been arrested in Miami where he scheduled to perform at this year’s Rolling Loud Festival.


the reporter came from Brian Entin of Miami’s WSVN 7 News who claims that several sources have confirmed that Kodak Black was arrested both on federal and state firearms charges.

Entin also adds that the arrest involved the ATF, Miami-Dade Police’s Gang Unit also known as United States Marshals.

Many Rolling Loud attendees took to social media, confirming the reports saying that Kodak never appeared onstage for his scheduled set on Saturday (May 11th) with new footage surfacing of the rapper being detained in a squad car.

Kodak, is officially being detained and reserved at the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Unfortunately, The news is the latest issue to appear on the three-day Rolling Loud festival in Miami. Friday night (May 10th) reports of an active shooter on festival grounds were falsely spread after festivalgoers were injured in a stampede that ensued when a fight broke out.