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Kevin Durant’s Troll, Patrick Beverley, Says There Is “No Beef”

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Patrick Beverley has been a pain in Kevin Durant’s side during the Los Angeles Clippers series against the Golden State Warriors. Durant and Beverley were ejected in game one and in game two, Durant continuously gets hounded by Beverley. When asked about his method to the game, Beverley dropped a diplomatic answer.


“I don’t try to get in people’s head man, ” Beverley said via NBC Sports Bay. “I can’t help that people get irritated by me. It’s not my fault. I go out there and I try to be the best defender on the f-g planet, consistently in and out, in and out. I take my role, I take my job, very seriously, and I do it for my teammates. I understand my role, and I understand how to get stops. KD is not an easy cover, but it’s fun out there for sure. ”

Beverley provided another update on his relationship with Durant, from TMZ. When asked if there is bad blood between the two, Beverley said there isn’t.

“I don’t got no beef with anybody, ” Beverley explained. “It’s all fun, man. Just two good teams, two good players battling. ”

Both Beverley and Durant will battle it again on Thursday when both teams in play in Los Angeles.