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Kanye West – We Major ft Nas & Really Doe


Kanye West We Major Mp3

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Kanye West touched down with something new, giving us “We Major” featuring Nas and Really Doe.


The song “We Major” by Kanye West ft. Nas and Really Doe remain a definitive song of triumph.

Quotable Lyrics
Been like twelve years since a n***a first signed
Now, I’m a free agent, and I’m thinking it’s time
To build my very own Motown
‘Cause rappers be deprived of executive nine-to-fives
And it hurts to see these companies be stealing the life
And I love to give my blood, sweat and tears to the mic
So y’all copped the LPs and y’all fiends got dealt
I’m Jesse Jackson on the balcony when King got killed