Jussie Smollett case took an unexpected turn on Tuesday (March 26) when prosecutors chose to drop all 16 charges against the Empire actor. According to TMZ, that doesn’t mean everything is copacetic on the set.


Smollett was going through {significant|substantial|considerable|important} consequences for allegedly faking his own hate-fueled attack in January. Nevertheless, despite being absolved of all charges, his fellow cast members are still heavily separated on how to treat the situation.

Production sources reveal there are people on the Empire set (especially writers) who think Smollett’s vindication proves he was truly a victim. But there are also several people on the set who believe he’s guilty and “shocked” by having less punishment. Simply put, they don’t want him back on the show.

In Smollett’s claimed attack, several of his castmates backed him up on social media. Since evidence began to emerge recommending he’d staged the whole incident many of them pulled their support, including the show’s creator (Lee Daniels), Empire alumni Naomi Campbell, Xzibit, Vivica A. Fox, Serayah McNeill, Grace Byers, and Tasha Smith.

Smollett’s case isn’t totally closed. The FBI is presently investigating the offensive letter sent to Smollett 8 days before the attack to determine if he sent it. He could face federal charges if the findings prove to be factual.