Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Khaled, and others made the list.

Is anyone shocked that a portion of our most loved hip-jump craftsmen are making genuine bank? Hip-jump is a standout amongst the most devoured kinds of music out there and, along these lines, everything encompassing it and its appearances gets the chance to endeavor. Forbes routinely ascertains which craftsmen are profiting and keeping in mind that the rundown isn’t the most eye-popping thing on the planet, there are a few newcomers that are making altogether more bread than you would anticipate.


Normally, Jay-Z and Diddy are lords of the budgetary circumstance in hip-bounce and this year is the same as Forbes simply distributed their commencement of the most extravagant stars on the planet with the two craftsmen positioning in the main 2. Diddy is frequently the main name to show up however his $64 million was insufficient to surpass Hov who made a crazy $76.5 million. Reliably offering out fields the world over, Kendrick sits serenely at the last spot in the best 3, saving money $58 million, which is the most he’s made in his profession. Obviously, Drake takes after with his $47 million.

While every one of them bode well positioning so exceptionally for Forbes, a portion of the considerations let down are the most astounding. Nas really influenced his presentation on the Forbes to graph alongside Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Logic, Russ and Meek Mill. Obviously, a few stars passed up being named to the renowned rundown. Strikingly, Nicki Minaj is missing as she discharged her collection somewhat late for her profit to be considered.

Look at the full count here and let us know who you’re most astounded about. By and by, I’m happy to see Russ taking a W here.