In the tense episode of Big Brother Naija All Stars, a conversation between Angel and Ike has elicited comments from viewers.


Ike and Angel recently got along and talked about their horror at how Biggie brought two winners back to the show. This happened just before noon.

Ike was asked by Angel how he felt about his ex when she became concerned that Mercy or Whitemoney would win. Only a brief outline of what he would do to stop his ex from winning was provided by the distressed young guy.

Ike: I was shocked seeing two former winners here, no way. I’m sorry, them no go chop this money twice. I have no problem with her (Mercy) but I know she’s a threat

Angel: so you guys won’t talk?

Ike: Obviously with time. Right now, no. She’s the kinda person that if you let her, she’d take advantage. We can just be cool. So we wunt cross that line again…

Ike: I have a feeling that Mercy wanted to nominate me and I don’t know why.

Angel: Well if I was her and my ex is in the house, I will nominate you every week.

Ike: If she tries anything funny I will form alliances and we will take her down, I will make sure she doesn’t win, sheybi her fans get money ni, they will vote tire

Angel: I think she’s very strong , even if nominated she still won’t go and also I do think she might win the show.