50 Cent Was Chocked Looking At Photos Of Kevin Hart And His Mother

On mothers day, Kevin Hart celebrated Mother’s Day posting a photo of his mom on Instagram saying “This day is always a bitter sweet day for me….I miss you so much. I am who I am because of the time/energy/effort/sacrifice/Love that you put into raising me. I can’t thank you enough….I love you Nancy A Hart….your forever my angel!!!!! #Harts #HappyMothersDay”. Many started talking about their similarities, telling Hart that he clearly took after his mother. No one knows if she’s also the reason Kevin is so quick on his feet as a well-known actor and comedian but she likely contributed to it. Fans commented on the picture to say that they clearly look like twins. For real, Hart’s mother looks like him with long hair plus the feminine features. 50 Cent decided to take a break and point out just how much they look, joking with his friend about his childhood.

Fiddy posted a comparison photo of the two, stating that they look the same as twins. “Damn boy your father was there, but your mamma did all the work,” wrote 50 as his caption. “@kevinhart4real what the fuck 🤷🏽‍♂️ you look just like her,” he said, echoing a sentiment that many pointed out on the original photo.



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