Comic Chris D’Elia is probably on cloud 9 right now after his impersonation of Eminem was shared by non-other than Em himself on Tuesday night. The Detroit legend took to his Twitter to reshare an amusing video of the comedian rapping & impersonating himself. It was so good that Eminem thought it was really himself for a second and called the impersonation “incredible. ”

“This is INCREDIBLE, ” Eminem wrote on his Twitter page. “4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!! ” he added while sharing Chris’ video.

After catching wind of the tweet, D’Elia later responded to Eminem by writing: “You’re the man for this.”

This isn’t the very first time Chris has impersonated Em, however. Back in September, he had another rendition that made its rounds on Twitter but obviously didn’t get Em’s attention like this one.

The video, which was published last week on Youtube, has racked up almost 350K views as of the time this was posted, but it’s without question going to see a major increase now with Em’s stamp on it.