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Drake And Soulja Boy May Be Linking Up For A New Song


When Soulja Boy took to The Breakfast Club and proceeded an epic rant about Tyga and Drake, we found that Drake’s track “Miss Me” with Lil Wayne, contained flows and lines from Young Drako’s song “What’s Hannenin’. ” Big Soulja even went on to say that he taught the Canadian rapper everything he has learned and that his success as a superstar is in large part thanks to Soulja Boy’s influence. Although some laughed at the idea, others used the assertion as a starting point to a much larger debate about Soulja’s influence on hip-hop music and the culture at large.

Since then, Drake unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram and replaced him with Soulja Boy. Now, according to OnSmash, leaked Instagram DM’s point to the fact that Aubrey might be making a song with Soulja Boy also it might be coming sooner than we expect.

Drake has recently been notorious for reaching out to artists he believes inspired by and doing records with them. At the height of his obsession with UK rap, Drake featured a slew of grime artists on his playlist album More Life. He is also reportedly making a song with offbeat darling Blueface.

Would you be considering hearing a song from both or would you pass?