The Raptors made franchise history Saturday night when they took home the Eastern Conference championship, which makes it the very first time they will ever head to the NBA finals.


The Canadian superstar Drake snapped a selfie rocking a the Raptors’ championship cap and deviously tagging Gucci Mane in the photo.

Considering Gucci Mane’s documented love for the Milwaukee Bucks, who were taken out from the running after the successful winning on Saturday.

Clearly, it’s all fun and game between the pals who joined after Game 3 when Gucci was able to make his way to Scotiabank Arena to watch the series unfold.

Finally, a score of 100-94 on Saturday is what moved the Raptors to their victory, avoiding the seventh game in the series, and bringing an end to the Bucks’ run after offering the best record of the regular season.

Next, the Raptors will be facing the Golden State Warriors in Game one of the NBA Finals on Thursday, May 30th.