Lil Baby & Peewee Longway Bless 42 Dugg On “Not Us”

Lil Baby & Peewee come through with “Not Us” mp3.

The Detroit rapper has been buzzing heavy over the last seven days because of the move and it was the perfect time to show everybody what he’s capable of.

Quotable Lyrics:

Runnin’ out the spot, tear the bush up, comin’ down the street
Grab the money, leave the weed, they find it, they can keep it
Catch a body, you know the code, just keep that shit a secret
Swear to God we’ll wipe his nose, we ever catch him leaking
They hit my right hand with that charge, it left my heart in pieces
Flood my right hand with baguettes, I wear the flawless pieces
In my bag, I’m talkin’ to ’em, it’s like I’m really preachin’
‘Bout to go and buy a church and make the bros the deacons




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