Digital Nas & Lil Yachty – CHOPPASICKOIGLOO

Digital Nas & Lil Yachty - CHOPPASICKOIGLOO Mp3 Download

Digital Nas & Lil Yachty fools us into believing the unseen on “CHOPPASICKOIGLOO.”

On “CHOPPASICKOIGLOO” the persistence of 808s is the only sound on the recording that feels like it was induced naturally, including the unworldly “chico” shtick Yachty slides into like a glove. Part 2 is umbilically attached to the first offering. Why sit on a pile of snazzy records (see Young Thug) when they be repurposed as SoundCloud exclusives, the worst way.

Quotable Lyrics:

Living your life like you typed in a cheat code
Borrow the sint but don’t spring just like biros
Niggas out here really drinking the Kiro (Yeah)
Bro really kill people just like he Teto (Yeah, yeah)
Diamonds, they dancing like Ayo & Teo.


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