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Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Investigation Still Active: Cops Say

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The investigation on Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape allegation is still active, the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. says.


Kathryn Mayorga, the lady behind the allegations, dropped her civil case filed in state court at Nevada earlier this month, making many individuals to wonder if the case has already been settled.

But, Mayorga’s attorney (Larissa Drohobyczer), said that Kathryn is NOT giving up on the case. and now they’re moving the lawsuit from state court to federal court, where it’s possible to sue anyone who lives abroad.

“We basically just switched venues but the claims and lawsuit still remains, ” Says Drohobyczer.

At this time, Per Drohobyczer is still waiting for confirmation from the Italian government to serve Ronaldo with the lawsuit.

As reported previously in 2009 by TMZ, Mayorga claims that Christiano Ronaldo raped her at the Las Vegas hotel room. In the beginning, she filed a police report stating the alleged crime but didn’t identify the football superstar by name.

In her original lawsuit, Mayorga states she accepted a $375, 000 in exchange for her silence, she now wants that agreement look worthless.

Now the case is been reopened by The Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. But up to now, no charges have recently been brought against the football superstar.