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Chronic Law – Kill A Raper


Kill A Raper by Chronic Law

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Chronic Law, a multi-talented Jamaican rapper and singer-songwriter, points to “Kill A Raper” as his most recent single.


The song contains a potent message that speaks out against sexual assault and is well-written. Chronic Law’s lyrics are strong and thought-provoking, urging listeners to take action and combat the rape culture. Chronic Law’s skill as a lyricist is evident in the song because he successfully handles such a delicate issue.

Sulfa Ge Records, a talented music producer, is responsible for “Kill A Raper’s” top-notch production. The hard-hitting, energetic soundtrack perfectly complements Chronic Law’s strong voice. The outcome is a song that is engaging and impactful, leaving the listener with a lasting impression.

If you enjoy good music, this charming masterpiece will certainly find a spot in your music library.

Listen and share your thoughts below.