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Chris Brown’s Legal Defense Against Monkey Charges Revealed

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Chris Brown’s decision to post a video| of his daughter having fun with a pet monkey has caused him a ridiculous quantity of stress. When Brown uploaded the video clip last year, the internet rose up against him. Claims of animal rudeness and bad parenting were hurled at Brown, and some were aggravated enough to call the authorities to alert them of the R&B singer’s interactions with the pet monkey. At the time, it was reported that Brown owned the baby capuchin monkey named Fiji, and just this week, the Los Angeles Attorney’s office made a decision to press charges against Brown. He was hit with two counts of proudly owning a restricted species without a permit. The wrongdoing carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.



TMZ reports that Brown’s defense will use the “it wasn’t mine” argument. The singer swears that the video of his daughter playing with the monkey was taken in Las Vegas at the property of a relative. The authorities are having a hard time trusting that story though since Fiji was taken into custody in Los Angeles. Brown is sticking to his defense though, detailing that his relative was coincidentally in town which is the reason the monkey was surrendered in LA. He will head to court on February 6.