Nigerian gospel musician, clergyman, and worship leader Chinyere Udoma leaves a powerful impression with the soul-stirring song “Ụgwọ Ndụ M (Jesus Paid In Full).”


Chinyere Udoma, a lovely vocalist, expresses her thankfulness for the high price Jesus paid for our sins by singing “Ụgwọ Ndụ M (Jesus Paid In Full)”

The gospel mainstream has been dominated by the song “Ụgwọ Ndụ M (Jesus Paid In Full)” which is an Igbo term that means “Paid for my life.”

Additionally, this outstanding song is a swift follow-up to “Happy December,” her previous breakthrough release.

Ụgwọ Ndụ M” is a song to reflect on the price Jesus Christ paid for us by sacrificing himself for all people while celebrating Easter.

If you enjoy good music, this charming masterpiece will certainly find a spot in your music library.

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