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Cam’ron Reflects On Jay-Z Friendship With a Throwback Pic

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The Roc-A-Fella legacy is so strong, living up to its once-described “Dynasty” status. From the onset, Cam’ron played a crucial role in shaping the Roc ;empire, having signed to the label back in 2001. It wasn’t that long before Come Home With Me became a vital piece in the Roc canon, with looks from Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Kanye West, and Just Blaze. The label would eventually give in to drama and moving allegiances, with power alternating at the drop of a hat. After spending a brief tenure as Vice President of the Roc, Cam would eventually continue to leave in 2005, after Jay-Z took control of the label in a Def Jam deal. As the pressure hit an apex, the once-allied Cam and Jay found themselves at odds, a bitterness that would last for over a decade.


On Saturday night, Jay-Z and Cam’ron put aside their variants during the historic re-opening of Webster Hall. Together, the pair held it down for a performance of “Welcome To New York, ” before being joined by Jim Jones to round it all out. Following the amazing hip-hop moment, Cam took some time to reflect on his long and occasionally turbulent relationship with Jay-Z.

“I could sit here and tell u a million stories (before either one of us had a record) but I’m not,” he writes, alongside a throwback picture from a bygone era. “HOV X KILLA.” For those who appreciate their hip-hop history, this one is for you. Check it out now!