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Blueface Arrested in Los Angeles for Gun Possession

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Blueface has been arrested TMZ reports.


The particular rapper was in Downtown Los Angeles at around 7 p. m. on Friday night when the police got a tip that there were some rappers who were holding a lot of cash and wearing a fair amount of jewelry. According to TMZ reports, the authorities were concerned the rappers would certainly become easy victims within the area, where lots of robberies had taken place.

When the LAPD showed up, Blueface and his crew dispersed as a couple of them allegedly threw their guns while fleeing the scene.

Blueface and two others were taken directly into custody. The police afterward found that the guns were loaded. Blueface was subsequently booked for criminal offense possession of a loaded firearm and was released about $35, 000 bail.