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blink-182 x Lil Wayne – What’s My Age Again? / A Milli (Video)


Lil Wayne and blink-182 recently collided on a newly introduced mash-up track of iconic rock tune “What’s My Age Again?” and the 2008 banger “A Milli.”


The mix was done to promote their new summer tour, which was conjointly announced today. The tour, just like the mash-up, will combine the Hip Hop and Rock, something Wayne previously dabbled in with musical efforts “Prom Queen” and “Knock Out” with Young Money-signee Nicki Minaj.

Quotable Lyrics

I open the Lamborghini, I’m hopin’ them crackers see me
Like, “Look at that bastard Weezy!”
That’s about the time that b*tch hung up on me
Nobody likes you when you’re 23