Eric Hartter, the man that fathered a child with Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott, is reportedly wanted and may face life in prison.


According to Macomb County Court records, Hartter was expected for sentencing on April 17, yet the 40-year-old failed to appear. for that reason, a warrant for his arrest was signed by a Macomb County Circuit Court judge on Tuesday (April 23) and mailed out on Friday (April 26).

The court documents clarify that Hartter was arrested last December when he and two accomplices allegedly stole roughly $200 worth of Red Bull from a CVS pharmacy.

While in jail, he was arrested again (the second time) for felony contraband for having Fentanyl and methamphetamine. He was pleaded guilty on March 13 and was faced with a sentence of nine months to four years. But the state objected and as a fourth-time regular offender, he’s potentially looking at life.

When Kim — the subject of many of Slim Shady’s classics — has been coping with her own drug and mental health issues, Eminem took care of his daughter (Hailie), with Kim. He also took in Whitney, Kim’s daughter with Hartter. Em ultimately legally adopted her. He also adopted the daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott who died of drug overdose in 2016.

Hartter’s criminal record stretches back to 1994. He’s been in trouble with the law regularly ever since.