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Big Sean – Paradise (Audio)


Big Sean Paradise Mp3 Download

Big Sean Paradise

Big Sean is back with a new song “Paradise“, off his new Sky Paradise album, an album that many declare to be the best of his career.


“Paradise (Extended)” is in many ways the most immediately appealing song on Dark Sky.

Quotable Lyrics

Walkin’ in like I got cameras on me
N***s can’t control me, ain’t no handles on me
Shit don’t get out of hand, it get handled, homie
Got a pretty young girl look like Janet on me
She a pretty penny and she know I’m doing numbers
Till we crash up the whole database
I bring it home like I’m base to base to base
Closet lookin’ like Planet of the Bathing Apes
What you think this life just landed on me?
My whole city look like it’s abandoned, homie