Asian Doll delivered her long-awaiting studio project titled “Fight Night”, she’s capable of crafting multiple pop radio hits on one record


Asian Doll only calls on Yella Beezy, Yung Bleu, SG Kendall, Yung Mal, NLE Choppa to lend their skills on  Fight Night.

Track List

01Talk My S**t

02 Eyes Closed

03 Beat a Bitch Up

04 Run Up Get Dun Up

05 Fleek 06 Stank Walk

07 Cravin (feat. Yella Beezy)

08 Lucky Night

09 Dope Boy (feat. Yung Bleu)

10 Everybody Stressed

11 Talk To Em (feat. SG Kendall & Yung Mal)

12 Fight Night (feat. NLE Choppa)

13 Big Racks