50 Cents Bringing G-unit To Empire

50 Cent has had an issue that remains to be worked out with Empire and its cast throughout recent years and still appears somewhat salty about the hit arrangement. The rapper guarantees the generation that adversaries his show Power is always taking his thoughts. His most recent cases accompany photographic evidence of the supposed sham.


The rapper shared a one next to the other comparison of two pictures. The principal includes the fundamental cast of Empire arranged in a serene lit shot. The following picture has a comparative idea as it delineates the members from G-Unit in succession.

This is the resent dig. In 2016, 50 Cent derided Taraji P. Henson’s show, guaranteeing its rates were on the decay.


“Well look at the bright side at least. You can eat your trophies. I was talking to old girl but you felt like you had to respond. SMH you know I love you cookie. I got a new show for you BMF COMING SOON !!!#EFFENVODKA.”

“Old Girl” shot back with the quickness.

“For the confused ppl. Do REAL research!!! Loose change makes sooooooo much UNNECESSARY NOISE. STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DAMN CENT SIGN!!! I guess it’s obsolete. AGAIN CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS BLACK MAN!!! @50cent.”