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2Pac’s 1994 Shooting: Main Culprit Accuses Stretch & Jimmy Henchman Of “Set Up”

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

A fresh perspective on Tupac Shakur’s 1994 Quad Records Studios shooting has come to light, in the wake of a phone discussion the shooter Dexter Isaac had with Real Gully TV, a YouTube channel that specializes in the backroom dealings of mid-90s hip-hoppers, including the many conspiracies associated with Pac’s life and death.


The most recent episode allows Dexter Isaac to speak his piece on the matter – his claim being: he was set up by two powerful numbers acting in collusion – one of Tupac’s early collaborators from NY’s Live Squad, a rapper known as Stretch who died in ’95 before Tupac could seek vengeance. One other shadowy figure associated with the “Quad Records Shooting” is the one and only Jimmy Henchman, a huge player in golden era rap, and a known drug trafficker/goon currently going through multiple life sentences for orchestrating a murder-for-hire scheme

“Stretch set the entire thing up, ” Dexter Isaac claims in the interview. “He was at cahoots and was giving us the play-by-play. Having been in communication with Jimmy (Henchman) who had promised him a quarter brick of cocaine. ” For those that don’t know, the “Quad Records Shooting” occurred on November 30, 1994, right before Pac was going face trial in his much-publicized sexual assault case. 2Pac would go on the record to blame Diddy, Biggie, and Henchman for the shooting, but Dexter Isaac, who by all accounts has very little to gain in his claim, is on record saying Stretch from the Live Squad played the most significant role in the shooting. 2Pac raps about the incident on “Holla At Me” off All Eyez On Me – listen below.